CTENA Finance DAO built on xDAO.app and Snapshot.io

CTENA Finance community will drive the shaping of the future of our project. We have completed the main project milestones we planned during this 6 months journey with CTENA Finance project.

CTENA Finance products roadmap

As the project is growing fast, we decided to accellerate the adoption of a community driven project governance system.

For doing that we used xDAO.app.

XDAO is a fully customizable tool that can be used for treasury management, multisig wallet and the platform for investments.

Ctena DAO on xDAO Invest section


Currently CTENA DAO uses xDAO.app as a DeFi project treasury team management system and for investing in DeFi products with mutual assets.

Ctena DAO on xdao.app

Using the xdao multisignature system the owerns of the CTENA DAO GT (Governance Token) can votes the proposal submitted in the DAO.

Here below the screenshot of the proposal for refunds the Snapshot.io expenses, vote and passed with a Quorum: 51.7%.

Proposal voted in xdao.app for automatically refund admins expenses

[from https://xdaoapp.medium.com/?p=420635b26337]
Governance Token

Governance Tokens (GTs) are required to be held by all DAOs and represent the voting power of a DAO governing member. GTs will not have a price, and it will not be possible to simply transfer them to someone else. They act exclusively as voting rights and are minted at the time of the DAO creation.

We are planning, on the next weeks, to starting sell the Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens of our Ctena DAO on xDAO, making a public offer of shares of CTENA DAO.

CTENA DAO LP public offering

This will allow CTENA “DAOs to earn on a blockchain, attract investments with an option of dividend distribution (!), conduct a private or public sales (similar to IDO and Launchpad).”

Snapshot.org ctena.eth

Any CTENA or LP holder can submit proposals and vote on things like:

  • Adding new vaults & liquidity pools
  • Adding new pages & features
  • Brand updates
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Fee adjustments

Before submitting a proposal to https://snapshot.org/#/ctena.eth & to get maximum exposure, we recommend presenting your idea to the CTENA Finance telegram groups.

CTENA snapshot ctena.eth

What does a proposal need to qualify?

  • To create a new proposal you must hold a minimum of 1 CTENA and 1 LP token CTENA DAO.
  • For a vote to be considered valid it needs at least 51% of the circulating supply of CTENA to vote in the proposal.

Future CTENA DAO developments

We are planning also to use several other new upcoming features from timelock to GT Delegation to Transaction Automation.

CTENA Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that provides a suite tool for decentralized investments backed by CTENA Token. The CTENA dApp is designed to enable high yields and low risk using smart contracts technology (the capital remains in your hands!).

Using the new CTENA Vault Yield Farming and Index Funds dApp https://vault.ctena.finance you can:

  • Buy, swap or add liquidity using our internal swap and liquidity pool provider functions (NEW)!
  • Invest (stake) crypto assets in our Vault and earn rewards!
  • Stake CTENA token and other liquidity pool or vault LP token to earn CTENA or BNB rewards!
  • Invest in our brand new 4 index funds, with one transaction you can invest in a basket of cryptos.
  • Play with our NFTs CryptoBoy or our CTENA NFTs marketplace!




CTENA Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that provides a suite tool for decentralized investments governed by CTENA Token. https://ctena.finance

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CTENA Finance

CTENA Finance

CTENA Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that provides a suite tool for decentralized investments governed by CTENA Token. https://ctena.finance

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